When I was a teenager, my camera was like a treasure and it was always an emotion to retrieve then discover pictures printed on paper.

Several years after, I had the chance to learn how to watch the light with my first mentor at the University of Le Havre, France.

After a long time with no camera, I started digital photography courses at Atelier Obscura in Belgium which delivered strong basics. Thank to my second mentor, Frederic Pauwels, who transmitted its experience and passion.

At Atelier Contraste in Belgium, I met my third mentor, André Soupart, for whom the photography language brings another dimension. Indeed, he basically learnt me the shape and the meaning. André is definitely someone who made a mark on me.

From now, I focus on testimony and landscape. My love for B&W photos is noticeable but I have begun to be interested in colors. 

Long time exposure remains one of my favorite way to slow down the watch and to gaze tremendous Celtic sceneries particularly in Scotland, Ireland and Brittany.

Although the digital era brought me so much, I recently acquired an Hasselblad 500CM and I am started to experience film camera again. Life is never end story.

For more or just to say hello, feel free to ping me.

"Mobile" International Exhibition from PH21 Gallery, Budapest 2018, Hungary

"Artist Pathway" Exhibition from Atelier Contraste, Brussels Royal Park 2018, Belgium

"Fractures and Reconciliation" Exhibition, Ipoustéguy Culture Center, Dun-sur-Meuse 2016, France

"The Village" Exhibition from Atelier Obscura, Ottignies 2016, Belgium

"Mons from the Slag Heap", "Coal Mining Sites of Levant and Marcasse" Exhibition in Mons, International Capital of Culture 2015, Belgium

"Shadows and Lights" Exhibition, Ipoustéguy Culture Center, Dun-sur-Meuse 2015, France

"My Hearth" Exhibition from Atelier Obscura, Ottignies 2015, Belgium

"Other Lives" Exhibition from Atelier Obscura, Ottignies 2014, Belgium

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