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For a decade, I have been focusing on series approach and, more than ever, my purpose is to express what I deeply feel inside. On my way, the stories learnt from locals are just cracking and sometimes weird that I cannot stop to transmit through photographs and storytellings.

From Boats, Fishermen and Passengers (BFP) targeting those boats used by fishermen led on the beaches to passengers who are travelling from islands to peninsulas to mainlands, it looks like turning the wheel of life.

Celebrating the 100 years anniversary of the World War I through covering the four years across the front line and from memory statues located in Belgium and France. Basically the idea was to make them alive again because of we do not notice them anymore. Through this projet, I discovered a lot about my family which was unexpected at the beginning.

Discovering the Canal from Brussels and its history when it used to make trades with neighbours and to feed some of the locals with fishes. Nowadays, it is gonna to be populated again along the docks.

And Landscapes, especially Celtic ones, this is my way to feel free with the nature. Mainly seas and rocks which represent a new born what I call "Natural Energy from the Sea".

More to discover through the series...


After having learnt how to watch the light with my first mentor at the University of Le Havre, Normandy, France in 1994, I stayed a long time with no camera.

Then 20 years later to escape from a busy job, I started digital photography courses at Atelier Obscura in Belgium led by my second mentor, Frederic Pauwels. It lasted three years and I learnt so much. It was my first collective exhibition experience and the real start of a true passion.

Following a free-time to build on my own, I decided to reconnect with courses at Atelier Contraste, Brussels in 2018 to get closer with André Soupart, my third mentor. Basically, he learnt me the shape and the meaning. André is definitely made a mark on me from then.

Now, I am on my way to focus on testimonies, landscapes and daily life. My love for B&W photos is noticeable but I have begun to be interested in colors. Indeed it is time to step out of my comfort zone to explore new things. 

And finally, I turn my head back to analog photography.

Life is a never end story.

Nomination and Exhibition

Honorable Mention in Nature Landscape from International Photography Award (IPA) 2020 with "The Empty Pier"

Nominated to the Fine Art Photography Awards (FAPA) 2019-2020, Seascape Amateur Level of Expertise Category

Honorable Mention Winner in Landscape Category from Annual Photography Awards (APA) 2020 with Emile Lebrun as Concept of Two Project called "Swing"

Nominated to the Fine Art Photography Awards (FAPA) 2018-2019, Landscapes Amateur Category

" A la fin de la Terre" Exhibition, Locquénolé 2021, Brittany France

"Mobile" International Exhibition from PH21 Gallery, Budapest 2018, Hungary

"Artist Pathway" Exhibition from Atelier Contraste, Brussels Royal Park 2018, Belgium

"Fractures and Reconciliation" Exhibition, Ipoustéguy Culture Center, Dun-sur-Meuse 2016, France

"The Village" Exhibition from Atelier Obscura, Ottignies 2016, Belgium

"Mons from the Slag Heap", "Coal Mining Sites of Levant and Marcasse" Exhibition in Mons, International Capital of Culture 2015, Belgium

"Shadows and Lights" Exhibition, Ipoustéguy Culture Center, Dun-sur-Meuse 2015, France

"My Hearth" Exhibition from Atelier Obscura, Ottignies 2015, Belgium

"Other Lives" Exhibition from Atelier Obscura, Ottignies 2014, Belgium

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